Can you believe the Browns won a game! It’s been two months since they won a game but I’m not surprised they beat the 49ers. Johnny Manziel was amazing that day!  I hope the Browns win another game.  Do you think they will win again?

S’more’s Visit



We had a fun time with S’more this weekend at our house.  He enjoyed his veggies, playing outside in his cage, and taking a bath.  He liked to get his hair brushed.  I am sure he feels glad to be clean.  He will see you all at school tomorrow.  We had the best time!

My Vacation

HI I’M BACK!!! I went on a cruise a couple months ago. It was so fun! you get good food and good everything! You should ask your parents if you could go. I went on a ship called Allure of the seas it is the 2nd largest ship. YOU SHOULD GO ON THE CRUISE!!!!!!



We had a amazing teacher who came in her name is Mrs. Martin.  Thank you so so much for coming to our class today. I have a lot of things I learned today I’m not going to tell you all of them some of them one of them are never post a picture of somebody if you don’t have permission  to. I learned that you never post mean things it will hurt someone’s felling’s.  You read 70 blogs a day wow so cool. Blogging .is so cool especially she in the cle. she in the cle is a great name all thought mine is named Ohio State University because that is my favorite sport team.  You started blogging when you were 22 great you just made me learn something new. Your sister is Mrs. Allen great. Blogging is awesome!!!!